There are a number of questions which are repeatedly asked of your bell maker... The answers below are some of the more common ones... revisit this page from time to time, we will be adding more comments in the future.


Are the bells supposed to rust?   Yes, each metal used in the production of our windbells is chosen for is acoustic quality &/or its ability to weather for decades under normal conditions.  The rich mellow tones are produced by low carbon steels chosen for their superior harmonic qualities.  The sails are cut of copper, the top eye & small internal chain are stainless steel.  Each of the metals will gather its unique patinas of oxides as they naturally weather. 

What do you do with your customer’s data?  All customer data is for our use only & will be deleted upon request.  It will never allow it to be knowingly used by any other person or entity.

Why don’t you take credit cards?   It saves us thru our customers ~ $5000 a year in credit card processing fees. If you’re a customer in good standing we will ship prior to payment..

Do you wholesale?   No.  Our prices are too low to allow any wholesale discount.  Also, our production is limited & decreasing as we chose to work less & enjoy life more.

Do you ship & how do you determine handling & shipping rates?  We ship daily using UPS & on a limited basis USPS.  Our handling charges are meant to break even on boxes & packing materials.  We charge our customers exactly what UPS & USPS charges us.

What happened to the 800 number?  It was terminated after it became almost obsolete by the internet & cell phones.  With its large fixed cost for the few calls per month, it became an unreasonable expense.

When do you plan to quit?  We plan to never quit, just keep gradually slowing down to allow ourselves more time away from the shop as we find exciting things to do & places to go.