The narrative's early years are touched on below... before 'Blogs' became that popular... however, once Judy discovered Blogging the Windsongs Blog was established... check it out for more recent adventures.

2008 has been a hectic year; a dozen shows, daily shop orders, family, friends, home and play... my life is over full and mostly happy.  Both daughters and sons-in-law have new babies as per photos below.  Jenny, Michael, Will and Lincoln in Houston until Spring '09 when they will either move back to DC or overseas.  The last month has had them evacuating to Boerne twice running from hurricanes.  Michael is a Diplomatic Security Agent with the State Dept, has protected Rice, the Dalai Lama as well as many other international leaders.  Jenny has her hands full raising Will and Lincoln.  Carla and Dave moved back to TX last Spring.  He's an elite and personal running coach in San Antonio, has many prepping for the San Antonio, Houston and Boston marathons.  Carla is a Sp Ed teacher and behavioral specialist in Boerne.  We're fortunate that they and Julien visit our home many times a week. My 88 yr old mom bounces back and forth from home to hospital to nursing/rehab facility while she struggles with the complications of a weakening heart.  Luckily for everyone, she's still sharp as a tack and our conversations are humorous, interesting and sometimes very enlightening.  After Judy's retirement in '05, she returned part-time as the Dir of the BISD Alternative Campus.  She has also co-authored two behavioral reference guides for those in education.  The first one was for classroom teachers and the second is for bus drivers.

Between shows, working daily in the shop and visiting my mom, visiting the girls and an occasional trip to the lake to enjoy and maintain our boat BON DIA, we remain very busy but always welcome your calls and emails.  Our goal is to make the very best windbells of our unique design and market them as responsibly as possible while maintaining an enjoyable balance in our lives.  When you do call, if you get the answering machine please leave your number and I'll call you back ASAP..... thanks, Philip and Judy


Jenny, Michael and Will had another boy!

...that makes two for them and three grandsons for us, all within two yrs of age. 

Lincoln Paul born ~ noon on May 16, 2008, 10lb, 22"  Lincoln just cause they like it and Paul for Michael's maternal grandfather.  Everyone is doing well, Linc's eating and sleeping well, Mom's recovering, Dad's running at 95% 24 hrs a day and two yr old Will appears happy with his younger brother.

Jenny, Michael, and little Lincoln

Judy and I with Lincoln

Judy, Philip, and Lincoln

Carla, Dave and Julien


Apr 9...

Carla and Dave had a boy!
8lb 6oz, huge hands and feet ~noon GA time. 15 hrs of labor, the last 3 naturally the hardest. Judy was in attendance and reported both CK and Dave did very well. Named Julien Robert after Dave's grandfather. For you who are friends of Hazel Dewey, JR is her 2nd great grandson. For us it's our 2nd grandchild with the 3rd due in late May.

Philip and his Mom

Apr 2...She takes a licking and keeps on ticking ....while three weeks in the hospital cardiac unit didn't kill my Mom, falling off a stationary bike in rehab might.  While it was touch and go for about a week her current prognosis is good and she's working hard to regain the independent life she enjoyed her first 87 yrs.  Plus she has two great grand babies due this Spring and a granddaughter getting married in Dec.  She's in a local facility thus we get to visit daily, usually late afternoon to watch and discuss the news and catch up on her day.  Her PT and OT stories are funny and she's questions why she has to do things like attach and remove clothes pins from a line...tels the OT she has a dryer at home and she never had a bike and doesn't plan on buying one now so why learn to ride one at 87.  While her convalescence will keep me away from the shop a bit, it shouldn't affect my bell business. 

Now to the most positive news ...Carla (in GA) is due with Mugo ~ April 10.  Judy is there now with Dave and I'm on standby.  I have a show in the Woodlands mid April and if no baby before then I'll do the show and rush over later.  Six weeks after Carla delivers Jenny (in HOU) is due with her 2nd.  Will will have a sibling and Judy and I will have three grand babies.  

Will, our grandson, on his 1st birthday.

Granson Will