My knowledge of metallurgy and harmonics allows me to forge windchimes which produce a carillon of sounds. Each bell produces three tuned notes: the larger the chime the deeper the pitches and richer the tones. A truly unique feature of my chimes is their property of actually improving both visually and acoustically with age. Natural weathering of the metals adds softness to the chime's tones plus enhancing the colors and textures of the bells. I use stainless steel, copper and silver for the working parts to insure the chime's long life and your pleasure.

I offer five sizes of chimes for your selection:

1 June 2012 - Sorry for the mid-year price increase, we wanted to hold off till the fall but all of our spring shows have been sellouts plus ever increasing numbers of shop orders have depleted our stock of steels, copper & plastic purchased in 2010 & 2011.  The current replacement cost is averaging ~ 20% more. We have added less than half to the price of the bells & will absorb the rest.  I used to work cheap, now I’m working cheaper.  We thank you for your understanding & support.

The 2 dot chime (11.5") has three voices ranging from mid to high pitch. It's tone is soft and clear. Compliments the 4 dot chime best.
Price is $60 plus $2.00 for handling.

The 3 dot chime's (13") pitches are in the mid range and rich. This is my favorite.
Price is $80 plus $2.00 for handling.

The 4 dot chime (15") is my wife's favorite. It gives you three mid to deep sounds and is even richer yet. Compliments the 2 dot chime best.
Price is $100 plus $3.00 for handling.

The 5 dot chime (19") has very deep, rich and mellow tones. The sound of this chime is comparable to three large church bells.
Price is $140 plus $4.00 for handling.

The 6 dot chime (24") has even richer and mellower tones. The sound of this chime is warm and soothing to the ear.
Price is $210 plus $8.00 for handling.

..and with the bells, you have...

I offer these incentives and services for your consideration:

I offer these Windcatcher designs to choose from:

Customized enhance the bell's visual appeal even more, Philip can design and add graphics to the existing windcatchers for $15 to $20 more, depending on the complexity.  This involves making a custom pattern for each design and punching 1000s of tiny dimples through the pattern into the copper to create names, dates and simple graphics.  This is often done to the windbells that are associated with one of life's celebrations; an added compliment to the bell's harmonically tuned notes and rich tones.