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The 2 dot chime (11.5") has three voices ranging from mid to high pitch. It's tone is soft and clear. Compliments the 4 dot chime best.
Price is $60 plus $2.00 for handling.

The 3 dot chime (13") pitches are in the mid range and rich.

Price is $80 plus $2.00 for handling.

The 4 dot chime (15") gives you three mid to deep sounds and is even richer yet. Compliments the 2 dot chime best.

Price is $100 plus $3.00 for handling.

The 5 dot chime (19") has very deep, rich and mellow tones. The sound of this chime is comparable to three large church bells.

Price is $140 plus $4.00 for handling.

The 6 dot chime (24") has even richer and mellower tones. The sound of this chime is warm and soothing to the ear.

Price is $210 plus $8.00 for handling.


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Custom windcatcherTo customized the existing windcatcher designs with with names, dates or simple graphics please indicate this below.  This is an additional $15 to $20 more per windcatcher depending on the complexity.  This is most common when the bell will be associated with one of life's celebrations.   If you have ordered multiple windcatchers, please identify which windcatcher(s) are to be customize. 


Windcatcher Design Selection

Texas State design
Aspen Leaf design
Heart design
Teardrop design

There is a $15 to $20 cost for a custom windcatcher.

Any special conditions or instructions?



In 20 years Philip has saved his patrons more that $50,000 by NOT taking credit cards.  To those previous customers in good standing he will invoice you when he ships & ask to be paid by return check.  To those who have never purchased a windbell Philip may ask you to prepay.



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